Andrei Ponze

Graphic Designer, Consultant, and Senior Developer in Washington, DC 20001

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Hi there, Welcome to Andrei’s Social media Channel, I’m a power up designer, dutiful student, and a eye for service. I am at Shaw Academy completing my graphic design courses for the EQF. I just started participating shaolin tai chi and Qi Gong for wellness. I have both a fine Arts and Graphic Design background at Corcoran College of Art and Design withholding a Computer Graphics Imaging Certification that consists of technical imaging. I've worked in the field with a handful of firms and freelanced experience.

My portfolio virtually ranges from Print, digital Photography, 3 D animation, progressive tech industry concepts, Branding, Video, impromptu Script Writing, Story Boarding, cloud management, Audio-Music digital online engineering, UX design transparency, online visibility for clients, cloud archiving development, simplified to intelligent future tech concept flow and agricultural data management. I can understand and speak English, Japanese, and Spanish. I am a super avid Cantonese enthusiast while my Hebrew learning is on the shelf. I meditate daily and can live with tea anytime. My interest ranges from French house to traditional Erhu, traditional world sounds to ancient Dabke to Batucada to Bolero to Salsa, Bachata to progressive house to progressive tech to unique ambient meditative sounds.

I love exercising and so I incorporate bodybuilding in my routine as part of my equilibrium of growth in fitness and wellness.

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    • Corcoran College of Art and Design
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