Andrei Ponze

Graphic Designer, Consultant, and Senior Developer in Washington, DC 20001

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Hi there, Welcome to Andrei’s Social media Channel, I’m a power up designer, dutiful student, and a eye for service. I am at Shaw Academy completing my graphic design courses for the EQF. I just started participating shaolin tai chi and Qi Gong for wellness. I have both a fine Arts and Graphic Design background at Corcoran College of Art and Design withholding a Computer Graphic Imaging Certification that consists of technical imaging. I've worked in the field with a handful of firms and freelanced experience.

My portfolio virtually ranges from Print, digital Photography, 3 D animation, progressive tech industry concepts, Branding, Video, impromptu Script Writing, Story Boarding, cloud management, Audio-Music digital online engineering, UX design transparency, online visibility for clients, cloud archiving development, simplified to intelligent future tech concept flow and agricultural data management. I can understand and speak English, Japanese, and Spanish.

I love exercising and I incorporate bodybuilding in my routine as part of my equilibrium of growth in fitness and wellness.

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    • Designer
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    • Corcoran College of Art and Design
    • Shaw Academy Online
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