Andrei Ponze

Graphic Designer, Consultant, and Art Director in Washington, DC 20001

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Hello there! Welcome to my Channel, I am a student at both Shaw Academy and Khan Academy. I am taking Graphic design again and Sports nutrition at Shaw. At Khan Academy, I am studying Computer Science and Programming.

For decades I’ve been a layman as a volunteer. In my free time, I continue to freelance as a graphic designer, art director. I continue to do production in a few areas both film, illustration, photography, desktop publishing and music. My other volunteer programs are with world services. My spark of interest in three industries includes Science, Health and Engineering. I have an Art’s background as well as Graphic Design studies at Corcoran. Prior to becoming a layman with US and Local government volunteer programs I was a steady desktop publisher and had worked as a graphic designer less than a few firms.

In 2011 I took the initiative at a glance into graphic design again while working at Anant as an art director. I currently hold a GED with a CGI Certification, along with 2 years worth of Bachelors of Arts credits towards an associates degree program for graphic design. I find my equilibrium in life with spiritual progress than of the stigma of personal growth and achievements. Spirituality, Health, Inner Peace, Service and Purpose are my main five principles.

My current views reveal new industries in the near future such as Climate control, Space tourism, Space Race, exoplanetary engineering, robotics, curing the health infrastructures.

As a Kabalist my trend of fascination is highlighted about ancient Akkadian histories through Chinese paleo cultures. I am a very big fan of Science Fiction and fitness health in bodybuilding. A lot of this was a wonder before looking into it all. If all the above interests you, please contact me for networking and consultation. Thank you.

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